Dr. Alex Madriaga
“Dr. Alex”

Practice Owner

Born in the small Provence of La Union, Philippines, he was the oldest of 8 brothers and sisters. His humble beginnings takes him back to his Alma Mater, University of the Philippines- College of Veterinary Medicine graduating with the class of 1965. Back then he started a band of young veterinarians into a Fraternity referred to as “The Rodeo Club” which is still in existence today as a strong support group for Filipino vets. In 1972 he and his family migrated to the United States finding his first residence and work opportunity in Chicago, Ill. The first successful practice he invested in was called the North Avenue Animal Hospital in Chicago. He ran it for several years and legend has it is that he one day slipped on a patch of ice and told himself to move to the warmer west coast of California. So by the 1980’s he found his next successful practice for 10 years called: Animal Aid Hospital in Anaheim, CA. His ambition called him to pick up another practice in the 1990’s that he remodeled and kept as a thriving practice called: The Orangethorpe Animal Aid Hospital. This was the practice he saw most as the “family run” business that involved his entire family to play a vital role to keep it successful. He decided to semi-retire in 2012 selling Orangethorpe and doing relief work for various locations but especially at the La Mirada Animal Clinic. His hopes now is to collaborate with his son who is also a veterinarian and begin another one of God’s great plan of his life’s adventure…

Favorite Restaurant and Food:
Sizzler’s and Outback’s well-done steak and mashed potatoes

Snakes, Not being able to play golf

I Survived:
Childhood trauma of being bitten by a snake and my father sucking the toxin from the bitten leg. The frigid winters of Chicago. Ill Marriage of over 50 yrs!

Dr. Fred Madriaga
“Dr. Fred”

His humble beginnings started when he would follow his dad (Dr. Alex) at one of his veterinary practices in the 1980’s alongside his siblings in the family run business. One particular event he recalled was finding outside by a trash bin a wild newborn kitten still wrapped around its fetal membrane barely gasping to breathe. By mirroring his father’s helping hands to save a helpless creature, he was able to breathe life back into the newborn. He named the kitten “Emanon” which backwards meant “No name’. The true significance of that event was not only because he got to keep this cat for 12 more years but it sparked a passion that would forever shape him into the practicing vet he would become.

Education helped formalize this interest starting at private schools in Orange Co- St. Joseph (Placentia) and Servite HS (Anaheim). His following years at the University of Cal- Irvine introduced undergrad research with a strong interest in biological sciences and medicine. This culminated to his formal veterinary training when he was admitted into Cornell University – School of Veterinary Medicine, class of 1995.

Professional Experiences:
As an associate veterinarian Pedley Veterinary Hospital from 1995-97
Chief/ Staff veterinarian at multiple Corporate Veterinary practices (Banfield and Vetco) in Riverside Co and Yorba Linda from 1998-99
Practice owner at single vet practice Corona Animal Hospital from 1999 to 2010
Relief Veterinarian at multiple private practice throughout So Cal

Outside of Work:
I enjoy spending time with the kids/ “the girls”, travelling to favorite local and occasional foreign spots, outdoor hiking, fishing and exercising.

My Basiophobia (fear of falling) leads to my Acrophobia (fear of heights). Guess I won’t miss the ride- Tower of Terror at Disneyland they took out!
And my Atychiphobia (fear of failure) might be because of my metathesiophobia (fear of change). But raising 3 girls on my own, they have certainly taught me that sometimes change is a good thing!

Favorite Foods / Restaurants:
Panera – chicken avocado melt / panini’s, pumpkin muffin top
Starbucks- Grande WC mocha, non-fat, light whip
My sister Alice’s traditional dish of Chicken Arroz Caldo (Rice Porridge) to eat no matter how full you are already!

Catch Phrase:
“Is there a coupon for that?”

Jeri Lynn

Office Administrator

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Steve Jobs

I love what I do! I am a single mother of two, my daughter 18 and my son 13. I hope I can inspire them to find their true passion in life by pursuing mine. In my off time I enjoy music, movies, the beach, reading, simple hikes, new experiences, cooking/baking, spending time with friends, family and pup Posey. My favorite food is Pho, favorite dessert is brick toast and my drink of choice is coffee. My biggest fear is reaching into to a space I can’t see what’s inside.